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A Little More About Me

Movement and Breath

I am a certified Yoga Therapist for children and young adults. My training in Yoga Therapy for children and young people is accredited by the British Psychological Society and therefore meets high professional standards.

I follow the neurosequential model of therapeutics, meaning that only when a child knows how to self-regulate can further practices be successfully embedded.

Before I became a yoga therapist for children, I worked as a yoga teacher for adults. Knowing how to teach yoga to adults helps me to integrate the parent into the child's yoga practice if they want to. Sometimes, parents need their own practice to experience the benefits of yoga for themselves and this helps them to stay calm when dealing with difficult behaviour in their children.

It is therefore essential for me to keep my own practice updated so that I can be a living example of what I teach.

 In addition to yoga classes, I also offer workshops for creative expression. Currently, I teach ink illustration at secondary school and painting poetry at primary school. I am fully DBS checked and have been working at primary and secondary schools for the past four years.

Working at schools equips me with a real understanding of how children at different ages tend to behave. As I teach across the whole key stage range, from nursery to secondary school, I have to adapt to different ways of communication all the time. This versatility is a real advantage when dealing with problematic behaviour in children. It allows me to be creative and find imaginative ways to form a therapeutic bond with a child in need.

About Me: About Me
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