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Free 30-minutes consultation

the initial meeting point where we can discuss the reason for yoga therapy


Yoga Therapy Sessions

Yoga Therapy’s efficacy depends on the quality of the relationship between therapist, child and caregiver. This connection of trust cannot happen overnight and means that children who suffer significant distress will need a realistic time frame to recover. This is why I usually offer therapy as a block of sessions.
My fee for a block of 5 x 45minute sessions is £250.
For younger children, 30-minutes time slots are an appropriate time frame for their attention span and the 5-week package is £200.
This includes the initial and ongoing assessment of your child’s sense of well-being, personalised yoga practice plans for home practice and your child’s practice review.

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Preventative Care

This is a suitable route for caregivers who would like to incorporate yoga into their daily lives. This takes the form of a general yoga class.
I can offer this as a private session for you and your child or as a small group session for likeminded people.
One 45-minute private session is £50.
The 60-minutes group class is £15 per participant.


If you’d like more details, please get in touch.

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