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“Our son has been diagnosed with ADHD in 2017. We have noticed , he was always fidgety from a young age and full of energy, but he found it very hard to concentrate. The specialists were very keen for us to give him medication, but we are believers in the natural way of helping such a young child. That's how we have come across Mel, who has had yoga sessions with him. After these sessions we have found him managing to control his outbursts by breathing in and out after walking away from the situation. He has also used the techniques he has learned from Mel at school and made a dramatic change in his behaviour. 

We are not saying he has changed completely, however we have noticed significant change when he practices yoga. The summer we didn't manage regularity and we have noticed the difference. Therefore we believe with regular practice, children, not just our boy, can benefit from yoga. It also helps them with confidence boosts as with tiny steps they become more confident and proud as they manage any outbursts and manage to calm themselves. 

That's why we are so excited for our son to continue with his yoga on a regular basis.”

Mother of a 10 year old boy

"Yoga  therapy has helped our daughter find her inner stillness and her true voice. She suffered from anxiety and lack of confidence. Talking about her issues was a good starting point but at times elevated her frustration. The regular movement and breath exercises combined with self expression through art work helped her discover her inner strength. We highly recommend yoga therapy for those children who cannot easily be reached through words alone."

Parents of a 9 year old girl

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